mule-walks-alone-in-the-forest asked: “Hey! I'm recovering from Anorexia and looking for (2000)ish calorie vegan meal plan, could you help me out at all? :)”

Hey there,

As part of my recovery lifestyle I do not count calories!

If you are making changes to your food is there any way to surrender it to a family member or a dietitian? It’s impossible to get sober in your eating practices on your own. If you could outwit this disease by now you would have…

adonaiss asked: “love your blog! Just wanted to say, I've recovered from anorexia on a vegan diet (despite my ED services hating it) and it's 100% possible! Don't ever doubt yourselves! :-) hope you're good xo”

Thanks, and that’s great to hear! WAY TO GO!!!!

unnatural-bones asked: “hi, for the past four weeks i've being following a vegan diet, today i went to a dietitan for the first time. as soon as i said that im vegan she just said "no! we do not let girls with eating disorders become vegan, nor do we let them have "organic" food!" she also went on to say "where are u getting ur protein?, u need dairy in ur diet and u have to be vegetarian" . but the thing is i've being feeling a hell lot better, i've put on weight. how do i go around this type of situation?”

Hey there,

Are you planning on being vegan for health or ethical reasons?

The fact that you’ve put on weight is good. If people lose weight while they are making the transition, they are doing it wrong. I understand that you feel a lot better but please remember that the BEST feelings and the WORST feelings come from eating disorders. It can be hard to know if its a real good feeling or a “high” that comes from controlling food.

Going to a dietitian is a great call. I’m not sure where you are in the world but I know that here (in western Canada) there are only 2 vegan dietitians! I believe that they are now teaching a little bit about vegaism to dietitians in school but it can be hard to find a R.D. who recently received education on this topic.

If this is something you are set on doing please seek a vegan dietitian. Please be as honest with them as possible about your history and your eating disorder. Don’t let your eating disorder use veganism as a weapon against you.

Happy recovery! <3

spendallnightlosingsleep asked: “what would be your top tips for being vegan and in recovery? i, personally am not getting support about this but frankly i refuse to listen to anyone because i know i can make it work.”

An eating disorder is an incestuous little voice that burrows into your brain and convinces you its words are your own thoughts. 

Recovery is about trusting others because this voice literally drives you insane. It convinces you to starve yourself, purge, exercise excessively, HATE YOURSELF, compare yourself to others, and participate in insane food rituals.

I hate to say it, but I am yet to see someone recover on there own. Believe me, I tried for many…. MANY years (and I lost everything).

Please seek recovery or at least call your local help line and start asking some questions. Make that small step. Stick your toe in the water. I won’t hurt and could save your life.

biggerbadderlatterday asked: “hey, love your blog!! I need some advice. I'm a vegan, and someone very special to me is recovering from an eating disorder. She is interested in veganism from an ethical standpoint, but doesn't seem to have the resources at her college. How do I encourage her in both her recovery and her dabbling in veganism? I'm happy whenever she eats, but when it's an animal product I am sad at the same time. I want to encourage veganism but I don't want to guilt her into not eating. thoughts?”

Hey there,

I would recommend her NOT making the switch to veganism until she has recovered and been sober for a descent period of time.

I understand your concerns about the ethical and environmental impact but if she dies there will be one less good person around to help our world.

Eating disorders feed off of any triggering material. Veganism can, and often is- “exploited” as a secret path to maintaining low weight, having great skin, etc. Feeding into this so soon will swiftly deliver her back into the lethal hands of her disease.

Additionally, if she becomes evolved in veganism and relapses it could develop into a trigger for her. That means that if she ever dabbles in veganism again…. she could easily end up back in that dark place.

Please remember that eating disorders aren’t just about food. They are literally a survival skill that someone develops to get through life. When that tool (the ED) is removed they have no idea how to cope or handle the basic hurdles of life. Give her time to develop into her full potential as a human being and by supporting her in learning to love herself.

Eventually when shes’ in a good place and her doctors agree + the help of a dietition she could begin dabbling with the idea of changing her eating.

You sounds like a very supportive friend. Give yourself some credit for standing strong while watching someone you love turn so weak.

hazel-ton asked: “I am currently recovering from bulimia and have developed bed.. I can't stop binging and I am using laxatives :( please help”

Hey there,

It’s good to hear that you are being so honest with yourself. You seem to know where you are at- the next stage is moving forward.

Laxatives are bad news. I abused them for just under a year and I have permanently damaged my digestive track.

Please see a doctor and a good dietitian for support around your laxative abuse. You have probably developed physical dependance and digestion is going to be pretty tricky for the next little while.

Aside from the physical withdrawal there is mental withdrawal. During this time you may try attempt to reestablish control by acting out in your eating rituals even more!

Please honor yourself enough to seek third party support. Eating disorders are cunning and impossible to outsmart on your own. You are worth it!!!!

One day at a time, :)

beaswellgirl asked: “Thank God this exists! My recovery was slowed down so many times by being told by trained professionals that I can't be both vegan and ed free. They would say that I restrict those foods because I want an excuse for eating more fruit. Well, no, I'm restricting those foods because I have common sense and feelings and don't see why another being has to suffer and die just so I could have a snack. How do you feel about 80-10-10 diet and ed? Has anyone tried it? Hope you have a wonderful day.”

Have you questioned your motives in changing your eating practices? And I mean really questioned them. Some times it is a struggle to differentiate between yourself and the cunning dialogue of the disease.

For those who don’t know- the 80-10-10 is a fruit based diet. 80-10-10 was written by a doctor which would lead you to believe he knows a fair amount about health. Turns out he is a chiropractic doctor which can be misleading.

I personally was on this “diet” when I hit my rock bottom. When I look back I can recognize why it was such a deadly idea.

The 811 is no more ethical vs a whole foods vegan diet. It simply promises reaching and maintaining a low body weight while providing more energy. If you visit online forums you will see that this energy is mainly used for excessive exercise.

You have an eating disorder and will have to learn to manage it for the rest of your life by avoiding triggers such as these. It is literally a matter of life and death.

I agree with your about your ethical standpoint and I know it is a struggle. But please entrust your recovery in your doctors. Do not make any changes to your diet without professional help. Do your best to get the help of a vegan dietitian on board once you are in a place to do so. At that time see if your treatment program will support small substitutions that do not change the caloric or nutritional content of your food. For now- focus on getting well. You can’t live to be a better person if you are dead.

One day at a time!

yogaloveandlight asked: “Hi, I've recently decided to go vegan (been a vegetarian for 3-4 years) but my eating disorder also happens to be particularly bad right now and my outpatient team are threatening to send me to inpatient if I continue to lose. Do you know if they'd make me abandon veganism or vegetarianism in an inpatient center?”

I would strongly discourage making any changes to your diet while you are having difficulties with your ED. Making specific changes could become actual triggers once you are fully sober in your eating practices. I would say wait until you are in a stable place and make the transition with the support of a vegan friendly dietitian.

Stay strong!